Seidozero is a unique, small mountain lake, located inside the Lovozero tundras mountain range in the Murmansk region, in the very center of the Kola Peninsula at an altitude of 189 meters above sea level. The length of Seydozero is 8 km, the width is from 1.5 km in the narrow part to 2.5 km in the wide part. The water in the lake is characterized by high transparency and low mineral content. In the west, the mountain river Elmorajok flows into Seydozero, in the east Seidyavryok flows out and flows into Lake Lovozero. The Lovozero tundra mountain range, which covers Seydozero from northern winds, created a special microclimate around the lake, thanks to which some plants grow only here. An important attraction of Seydozero is the Seydozersky reserve or “Seydyavvr” protected area – the territory surrounding Seydozero with an area of 17,400 hectares. This reserve was opened in the early 80s, but in the troubled 90s it fell into disrepair, there was no protection and illegal hunting and fishing flourished. Since 2003, the Seidozersky reserve has been reorganized according to a bill adopted by the governor of the Murmansk region. Today, cutting down trees, grazing and any activity that can lead to pollution of the nature reserve is prohibited here. However, it is allowed: sports and amateur fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, organizing camps and making fires in specially designated places. Recently, work has been carried out to mark the trails here, which gives visitors confidence that they are moving in the right direction and do not violate the regime of the reserve. Kuyva rock (in Sami – old man) is another attraction of Seydozero. According to the Sama legend, Kuyva is a frozen, stone figure of a warrior. The Saami always tried not to make noise near Kuyva, not to think badly of him, so as not to anger him. Kuiva enjoys special respect among the locals. In general, Seidozero is considered to be the place where a special energy zone is located, as a result of which anomalous natural phenomena were recorded here. Near it were found the remains of an ancient civilization called Hyperborea. According to rumors, there are traces of a Bigfoot in the vicinity of the lake, and allegedly there was even a case of meeting 2 people with him. Here there is a feeling of complete self-sufficiency and huge energy of nature.
The Russian Lapland camp site is located less than 5 kilometers from Seydozero and we can organize for you various walking and water trips around Seydozero with the involvement of qualified guides.