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Our camp site is located on the shore of Vysoky Island in the waters of Lake Lovozero on the Kola Peninsula. The camp site has a modern two-story house with four living rooms, a fireplace room, a kitchen with a refrigerator and a gas stove, a sauna, and a billiard room.

Lake Lovozero

Lake Lovozero is the third largest on the Kola Peninsula, with a water surface of more than 200 square kilometers. The lake is rich in fish, hence its name, which translates as “catchable lake”. The lake is elongated from north to south, has more than a hundred islands. The eastern shore of the lake is gently sloping, overgrown with mixed forest, and the western shore rests against the steep spurs of the most ancient mountain range on earth, the Lovozero tundra, forming landscapes of incredible beauty.

Vysoky Island

The island is located in the southern part of Lake Lovozero. Its area is about 22 hectares. Distance from the village Lovozero – 35 km. You can get there in summer by motorboat, and in winter by snowmobile on the ice of a frozen lake. In the immediate vicinity of the island are the Seydozersky reserve, Seydozero and the mysterious island called “Magic” (Sorcerer) – recognized as one of the most mysterious points on the world map.


Lovozero - how to get there, the main options:

  1. By plane to Murmansk. Then by car (bus or taxi) to the village of Lovozero.
  2. By train to the railway station Olenegorsk. From there by car – bus, taxi or private car to the village of Lovozero.

Transfer from/to Lovozero village:

Airport Murmansk – Lovozero
Lovozero – Murmansk Airport
price on request (appr. 2.5 hours on the way)
railway station Olenegorsk – Lovozero
Lovozero – railway station Olenegorsk
price on request (appr. 1.2 hours on the way)
Airport Kirovsk – Lovozero
Lovozero – Kirovsk Airport
price on request (appr. 2.5 hours on the way)


The camp consists of a warm two-story house with four living rooms, a fireplace room with a TV, a kitchen with a refrigerator and a gas stove, a sauna, and a billiard room. Each of the three rooms has separate bathrooms with showers (hot water – around the clock). One of the rooms has a large double bed, a plasma screen with satellite TV and DVD. Electricity is supplied from a wind-diesel generator. Drinking water is imported from the nearest spring, although you can safely take water directly from the lake. Sleeping places – single and double beds. Bed linen, towels, bath accessories are provided at the base, but those who wish can bring their own. Vacationers are provided with meals by the base’s own chef. The quality of food is home cooking (national and classic dishes).

The camp has the ability to comfortably accommodate from 10 to 15 people in the house at the same time and up to 6 people in the trailer. If you need to accommodate more guests at the base, there are additionally 4 euro folding beds.

On the territory of the camp there are two residential trailers with a potbelly stove, a washbasin, a gas stove. Facilities – in the yard.

Leisure equipment

The camp has four modern snowmobiles, sleds, two “Black Diamond PowerBoard” motorcycle snowboards for outdoor activities in winter, a motor boat with a powerful jet engine (capable of walking on the lake in any bad weather), a motor boat, as well as two inflatable boats with motors.
There is also a brazier and a smokehouse at your disposal.

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Are you thinking about a vacation in the North of Russia? Lovozero and its environs provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

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Useful information

Lovozersky district

The Lovozero region occupies about a third of the Kola Peninsula and is located entirely above the Arctic Circle.

Lovozero tundra

The Lovozero tundra is the second largest mountain range on the Kola Peninsula after the Khibiny.


Lovozero (Luyavver) is the third largest lake on the Kola Peninsula, stretched from north to south.


Seidozero is a unique, small mountain lake, located inside the Lovozero tundra mountain range.